Terms of Warranty
IDX Technology warrants its products to be free from defect in workmanship and materials for a period of one year from the date of purchase. If the products are determined by IDX to be defective or fail to meet minimum published specifications, they will be replaced free of charge at IDX's sole discretion. Minimum performance in the case of NiCad batteries means 75% of rated performance. Except for such repair or replacement, IDX will not be held responsible for any direct, indirect incidental, consequential cost or damage. To register your warranty please mail in the warranty card within 10 days of purchase, and should there be a warranty claim you may be asked to produce your proof of purchase with the returned merchandise, therefore it is recommended that the buyer keep their receipt. Products returned for repair and not covered by warranty will be charged for at IDX's standard repair rates. This limited warranty is to be interpreted under the laws of the State of California.

Return of Goods
To return goods for repair which are either covered or not covered by warranty, an application for a Return Merchandise Number (RMA number) should be made by calling our service center at (310) 891-2800. If goods are shipped to us without this number they may be refused. All shipments to our facility should be on a freight prepaid basis and fully insured by the buyer. If it is determined that warranty repair applies then the product will be shipped back by UPS Ground to the buyer at IDX's expense. If any other method of shipment is requested then IDX reserves the right to charge for the difference. If the buyer wishes to return goods for any other reason, then they should contact their place of purchase.

Special Promotion
Warranty information greatly helps us to understand our customer's product needs, so that we can be even more attentive in producing products to fit these needs. Therefore for a limited time only, we will extend the warranty period on our electric products only (not batteries) from one to two years, provided we receive the completed warranty registration card within 10 days of purchase.


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